Ancestral Mexican Cuisine: Earth To Table To Nutrition

July 13, 2020 no comments Shannon Hall Categories Announcement

Cocina Rx’s ghost kitchen near the Fulton Market area will be opening with a unique new menu: Milpa – Cocina Maestra for online delivery or pickup. Our Chicago renowned chef Dudley Nieto and sous chefs Lupita Romero and Javier Arriaga will be rolling out their “Culinary Medicine” inspired menu.

Returning to the roots of ancestral Mexican cuisine means incorporating the richness of the earth and nutrient dense, plant-based ingredients into each dish. Some of the featured ingredients include corn, squash, chilies, spices, cocoa, beans, tomatoes, herbs, and plants that are tasty and high in protein, fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and more.

Our customers can look forward to the tasty, healthy super foods like verdolagas (purslane), nopales (cactus) ,huitlacoche (corn fungus mushroom), flor de calabaza (squash blossom) quelites, amaranth, and an array of traditional golden moles – xico, coloradito, oaxaqueño, and pepian. Traditional hand-made yellow and blue corn tortillas and guacamole made on the “molcajete” are other staples with traditional methods of food preparation.

Cocina Rx intends to partner with local farmers and urban growers to incorporate more local and organic ingredients into the seasonal menus.

Entrepreneur and lifestyle medicine culinary coach Javier Haro’s vision is that the Milpa-Cocina Maestra menu inspires and teaches individuals about the diets of their ancestors, helps them regain lost nutrients, strengthens their relationship with the earth, and restores their health.

With today’s pandemic threats of Covid19 and the high cases of chronic illnesses, plant-based eating and home cooking is more essential for a healthy body and mind. Order from our seasonal menu for pickup on our website or delivery on Grubhub or Uber Eats.