How It Works


Our entire menu was created by our professional chefs to adhere to the highest cultural and nutritional standards. Meals are prepared fresh upon ordering with whole, sustainable ingredients. We support your healthy food journey through education, support from our dedicated chefs, and evidence-based “food as medicine” methodologies.


The process is simple. Individuals come to Cocina Rx for guidance on how to incorporate culturally-familiar, nutritious meals into their lifestyle. Here's what to expect:

  • Partnerships

    Cocina Rx works with partners like our parent company to source whole, nutritionally dense foods through donations.

  • Ordering & Customization

    Individuals order meals through our website, and a member of our team reviews the order for any special requests or allergens. All information is confidential and used to provide a balanced meal based on chronic illnesses or other health issues.

  • Meals Prepared

    Meals are prepared by a team of professional chefs and cooks in our kitchen specifically for you.

  • Pick Up

    Shortly after ordering your meals will be ready for pick-up. These meals have little to no prep time. Simply follow directions on how to prepare and enjoy!

  • Telehealth Follow Up

    After ordering, each individual will have an opportunity to schedule a follow up telehealth call with our team of nutritionists and other health professionals to learn more about how to build immunity and reverse chronic illnesses.


Our approach offers individuals the tools and resources they need to combat chronic illness and to improve their overall health. We provide guidance and healthy prepared meals to assist an individual’s holistic health.

Are you ready to enjoy better nutritional meals? Order now to receive healthy meals prepared fresh and ready for pick-up.

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