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Telenutrition is a safe and HIPAA-compliant way to communicate with our registered dietitian or chefs from the comfort of your own home via video teleconferencing. Learn more about our telenutrition program and how to sign up for an appointment.

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Telenutrition Appointments Available with Cocina Rx

Telenutrition is a method for providing healthcare services via technology such as video chat including meeting with a registered dietitian.

At Cocina Rx our goal is to not only provide healthy meals through our kitchen, but also empower our customers to improve their health every day in their own kitchen. Our telenutrition appointments teach you how to embrace cultural cooking with healthy techniques.

Our telenutrition program has just launched and we are excited to welcome you into our kitchen. Sign up to request an appointment with our chef or dietitian. We look forward to helping you on your healthy food journey.

Sign up to request a telenutrition appointment with our chef or dietitian.


Normally our sessions are $75, but thanks to our generous sponsor, Live Healthy Chicago, we are proud to offer our telenutrition appointments free to qualified customers. No insurance required.


Sign up now to take advantage of the free telenutrition program. We will reach out to you shortly.


Fill out the requested information.

You will be prompted to fill out basic information on the form below. Please fill out the form completely, so we can fulfill your request as promptly as possible.

Phone screen & Book an available date.

After receiving your request a member of our team will contact you via phone to understand more about you and to help you book an appointment with one of our chefs or dietitian.

Log on to your appointment.

You will be reminded of your appointment by either email or text message. Please be ready to log on to your appointment at the designated time and date.

Ready to book your appointment with our dietician or chefs and learn how to freshen up your healthy lifestyle?

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